"Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering"
e-ISSN 2719-423X

vol. 67 (1) 2022


Editorial pages
Antimicrobial Efficiency of Novel Active Packaging Based on Iron Nanoparticles Biosynthesized by Oregano Leaves Extract
Anna Mikołajczak, Marta Ligaj
Market Overview in Terms of the Offered Solutions of Equipment and Machines for Planting Seedlings with a Covered Root System
Michał Szaroleta, Stanisław Legutko
Innovative Solutions in Crop Protection Technology
Sebastian Szymczyk, Stanisław Legutko, Tomasz Szulc, Michał Zawada, Mateusz Nijak, Marek Szychta
Preliminary Studies on Allelopathy in Tufted Hair Grass (Deschampsia caespitosa L.)
Anna Kryszak, Agnieszka Strychalska, Agnieszka Klarzyńska, Waldemar Zielewicz, Piotr Szulc
Cultivation and Technological Value of Pseudocereals – Nutritional and Functional Aspect in the Context of a Gluten-free Diet
Marta Molska, Julita Reguła