About the Journal

The magazine Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering publishes articles from the scope of: agricultural, horticultural and forest engineering, as well as: ecology, energy & fuels. The magazine has linguistic, statistical and thematic editors. Double-blind peer review is applied: neither reviewers are unaware of the identity of the authors nor authors are unaware of the identity of reviewers. There are at least two or more reviewers for the total number of articles in each issue. A publication ethics and publication malpractice statement is published on its website. All articles have the English-language abstracts; in addition abstracts in the Polish language are offered.

The start year of the first predecessor: 1954. The history of the title, preferably with the year of each title change:
"Prace Przemysłowego Instytutu Maszyn Rolniczych" ISSN 0324-8739 in 1954 - 2001;
"Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering" ISSN 1642-686X from 2001.

Journal is stated on the list of journals pointed by Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Warsaw (Poland) – 12 points.

Edition of the publication is granted by Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Poznań (Poland).

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Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering

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