"Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering"
e-ISSN 2719-423X

vol. 68 (1) 2023


Editorial pages
Eco-design in pro-environmental activity illustrated with example of agricultural trailer loading box cover – towards a sustainable product
Przemysław Niewiadomski
Mobile Chipper Design with FEM System Application
Grzegorz Dzieniszewski, Dawid Nowak, Maciej Kuboń, Karolina Furyk-Grabowska

Application of CAD Systems in Designing Material Handling Equipment
Grzegorz Dzieniszewski, Adrian Rak, Maciej Kuboń, Zbigniew Kowalczyk

Assessment of the potential for use post-production residues of cruciferous vegetables within Zero Waste idea
Agata Bieńczak, Paweł Woźniak, Joanna Markowska